Joe Cano

Last pro event. 1999.  AT&T Aloha section PGA Championship.  Mauna Kea Golf Course.


Joe has lived in the Pasadena area for most of his life.   He learned the game from his father when he was a child, spending many evenings at Arroyo Seco. He turned professional in 1987 and has been teaching at Arroyo Seco since 2004.  Joe played professionally for 5 years but found that teaching was what he enjoyed most.   Before he started teaching golf, Joe’s sports background was baseball, having played and coached at the college level.

He has been coaching the Arroyo Seco Junior golf team since 2004 and is the current men’s and women’s golf coach at Occidental College.  Many players in his program have gone on to play at  many NCAA colleges and universities in the PAC12, Big 10, Big West, WAC and Big12 conferences as well as Division II and III colleges around the U.S.A.


My Teaching Philosophy

Golf is a life long game and is not learned in a short-term fashion.  

I believe anyone can learn to play better golf.  Setting and understanding your goals is the first step in developing a better game. My coaching philosophy is based on educating a player on the process of improving their technique and then learning how to play better. 

I have three main goals in my golf lessons. 

  1. I want my students to forget all of the myths in the swing and to use the natural motion of their bodies. 
  2. I want them to understand what is supposed to happen in the swing, why, and what the great ball strikers do. 
  3. I also want them to understand connection and how it applies not only to golf but all sports and athletic motions. 

The golf swing is a simple underhanded tossing motion. It is a coordinated movement of all of the big muscles of the body. 


Occidental College

 Men's & Women's Golf Coach since 2012

Private Lessons


Lessons include high-speed video analysis. You will learn to complement your strengths and concentrate on those aspects in your swing that need improvement. 


One Hour-$95.00  / Half Hour = $50.00


One Hour-$85.00  / Half Hour = $45.00

Private Lesson Requests for Joe Cano

Call or Text (626) 242-5050.

Payments Accepted - Cash, Check, Venmo (joecano4), Cash App or Credit Card.