Mark Spinelli


Mark Spinelli - Professional since 1983

Golf professional since 1983. Golf instructor, lover of the game, mentor and relentless student of the game, have all been instrumental in helping golfers at every level throughout these past four decades. Mark's talent in hitting a golf ball a long way earned him a Long Drive competition win and two trips to the REMAX World Long Drive competition in Nevada. His greatest reward is working with junior golfers and the opportunity in sharing with them the greatest game in the world.


My Teaching Philosophy

My philosophy is to participate in the vision the student has for himself as a golfer. Throughout the learning process, I never lose sight of the fact that golf is a game and the reason we all play it is to have fun. Whether it is a junior golfer looking to play college golf, a college golfer looking to play on the PGA or LPGA tour, a weekend golfer trying to lower his handicap, a struggling golfer looking not to embarrass himself in front of his friends or clients, or a beginner golfer looking to get the ball in the air, my goal is to help the student improve and have fun in the process.   I want to know what the student is looking to accomplish in the short and long term. Once I learn this, I help them find their way to better golf in a simple, logical and enjoyable manner. 

Mark's Lessons & Programs



You will learn to complement your strengths and concentrate on those aspects in your swing that need improvement. 


One Hour-$95.00  / Half Hour = $50.00


One Hour-$85.00  / Half Hour = $45.00

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